Leaving aside the technical Polyester Polos

Leaving aside the technical Polyester Polos, which are inherently lightweight, Polyester/Cotton Polo Shirts tend to start from around 160 to 170gsm (GSM stands for grams per square metre, a unit of measurement now commonly used in the textile industry). Whilst these lightweight Poly/Cotton Polos are cheap to buy, they tend to feel flimsy and with regard to an embroidered Polo Shirt, they do not provide a stable enough fabric on which to embroider. Lightweight Polo shirts can be used for budget promotional give-aways but rarely do they offer real value for money as an item of staff uniform.

The middle ground for Poly/Cotton Polo shirts, in terms of weight and performance, is usually for fabrics somewhere in the region of 180 to 210gsm. At this weight the fabric provides a reasonable balance between comfort, durability and price. As a result, Polo shirts in this weight range are regularly used for workwear in the manufacturing & industrial sectors.

There are always knock-offs of the real thing, when it comes to designer clothing and it isn’t any different with Ralph Lauren polo shirts. The main things to look for on a fake polo are the threads showing in the back of the tag, sloppy stitching on the back of the horse insignia, and stitching showing on the inside of the shoulder seam. While the overall appearance is very similar between these two shirts, the construction of the fake is of a much lower quality.